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I offer a different kind of counseling, to those who think and feel differently. This is a judgment free space to allow for free expression of emotions, and to help you find solutions to the barriers in your life. 


 Twice exceptional means having both giftedness and a disability. Having a Twice Exceptional Diagnosis can create a rollercoaster of emotions. 

Additional assistance such as occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, and special tutors can be difficult to arrange and organize. Friends and family may not understand what it really means, focusing on only the weaknesses. 

For those with a twice exceptional diagnosis it can be hard to find or even understand the balance between strengths and barriers. 

For loved ones, it can be difficult to understand how to be helpful or supportive. 





 Asynchrony is a term that means some parts are maturing faster than others.  Because individuals can have very different skills and abilities, how this looks can be different for each. 

One thing that can be helpful to know is that being asynchronous in childhood doesn't gaurantee that you will still be out of sync as an adult - and even if you are, knowing how to find support for your strengths and barriers can lead to a happier healthier balance. 

 Being diagnosed with Twice Exceptional can feel confusing because experts and educators tend to focus on one side or the other. Having your strengths or limitation ignored can feel hurtful, and comments made by others can really stick with us. 

We can work together to help you learn what this diagnosis means to you. Then we can work on building support and skills to show others what you want and need in healthy assertive ways. 

 Communication is a two-way street. Often we cannot fix communication problems completely on our own. Being involved in family, couples, or group therapy can help both you and your family learn how to communicate peacefully and effectively. 

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