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I provide confidential counseling for children, adolescents, adults and families living with anxiety, cognitive disabilities, or other medical/physical health concerns. This is a judgment free space to allow for free expression of emotions, and to help you find solutions to the barriers in your life. 


Being a parent or caregiver to someone with additional support needs comes with stress that not everyone can relate to. I offer a judgement free space to express your feelings about your journey.


I also provide support and education on important topics including: improving communication and connection with loved ones, setting and keeping appropriate boundaries, creating a comfortable home life for you and your family, and learning and using self-care strategies to prevent and heal feelings of burnout.


Relationships can be hard to manage, especially when the addition of a personal diagnosis or diagnosis of a child adds confusion and miscommunications. I can help you learn to grow your relationship and help strenghten family bonds and communication skills.  


The dynamic between a child and a sibling with a different way of thinking can be confusing or upsetting at times. This struggle is one that many children and even adults face. Working on improving emotional understanding, healthy emotional expression, and learning about their siblings strengths and limitations can help reduce negative feelings and foster healthier sibling relationships.  

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