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We offer a different kind of counseling for those who think and feel differently. This is a judgment free space to allow for free expression of emotions, and to help you find solutions to the barriers in your life. 


The unwanted thoughts Anxiety can be caused by a variety of situations, from confusing or upsetting changes to major life transitions such as the transition to adulthood, coping with a loss, or changing occupations. By working together to identify how these events and changes have affected they way you view yourself and the world, we can help you reduce negative thinking and allow you to live without the frequent upsetting feelings that are holding you back. I use an integrative approach in therapy to help you find the tools you need to be able to reduce and manage feelings of worry and symptoms of anxiety.


 Developmental disorders can feel overwhelming, and it can feel like you are always trying to fight to act and think like everyone else, it can feel stressful when others are pushing you to fit in. 


We can work together to help you find your strengths, identify the stress and struggles, and create goals to help you connect and grow as the person you are meant to be.  


Everyone's strengths are different, and I can help you improve: 

 - Attention and Memory

 - Communication

 - Emotional Understanding

 - Anger Management

 - Impulse Control 

 - Building Self-esteem

 - Building  skills to help you adapt and 

    cope with changes 

 - Increasing Independence


Either your searching for more, or seeking a break from the intensity of the world around you. Autism and Sensory Processing Differences can look very different in each individual.

Understanding how these differences can be managed can help to move through the constant stress and learn more about your strengths.

Some areas we can work together to improve include :

-genuine self expression

- emotional awareness

- regulation 

-connecting with others

- how to change your environment to fit your needs

- increasing attention

-reducing impulsivity

-self-esteem building

-reducing family tension

- improving your ability to ask for help when you need it. 


Being asked to focus on a task you're not interested in  can feel like torture. Your mind wanders and it is stressful when deadlines are hard to meet. It can be hard to want to do your work or homework when you know your heart just isn't in the work, and even if it was your mind just won't stay there. 

Did you know that ADHD can have many benefits when symptoms are managed appropriately?  I can help you learn to improve a variety of skills including:

 -memory and concentration

- reduce impulsivity

- learning how to get along with others 

- exploring healthier ways to seek new interests

-manage those times of intense interest and concentration  

- how to stick with something 

- finding motivation to start and complete tasks

-improving your mental flexibility 

-creating positive options for creativity and ingenuity

Being able to take control of these skills are key in turning problematic symptoms into life long strengths.


Being gifted does not always feel like a gift. It can be isolating, confusing, and the pressure of needing to succeed is a lot to deal with. The ability to think critically about detailed memories of confusing or upsetting events or social interactions can lead you to being overly critical of yourself. 

Let's work together on a deeper exploration of your thoughts and goals to help you improve balance and moderation in their lives.


We can work together to learn how to manage symptoms of anxiety and depression, recognize and manage deep emotions, reduce overanalyzing, and focus on your positive strengths.   


Learning what is going on in your body is a rollercoaster of emotions. Not every diagnosis comes with an easy fix, even when we desperately hoped there would be a magic cure. 

A diagnosis of a medical illness can be a confusing and stressful time, especially if the concern comes on unexpectedly or has lasting effects.

I can give you a safe place to vent, and help you learn how to manage any emotions your experience is creating.


We can work together to improve your quality of life, as well as learning to accept how this illness, disability, or injury is a part of your life but is not the entirety of your identity. Many illnesses and injuries can experience increased symptoms or slowed healing during times of increased stress. Therapy can help you learn how to manage stress effectively to reduce "flare-ups" or increased healing time.

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