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Mental Health Therapy should meet your needs

Intake Session: A typical intake runs between $100 and $150. This includes a 60 to 120 minute session to share your story, complete intake paperwork, and discuss your goals for treatment. 

Session Fees : 40 minutes $85

                       50 minutes $120

                       80 minutes $160 (EMDR sessions typically run between 80 and 150 minutes)

                      150 minutes $240 (EMDR sessions typically run between 80 and 150 minutes)

Appointments are available via telehealth or in office. 


Positive Perceptions, LLC does not accept insurance and is self- pay. Estimates of care will be provided within 3 days of scheduling an intake appointment. After further information is gathered, estimates will be updated to further meet your needs. This estimate is not an obligation. 

I also offer Safe and Sound Protocol Packages. For more information please visit my Safe and Sound Protocol Page.

Payment Plans, Sliding Scale, and Multi-family member discounts are available for Safe and Sound Protocol packages. 

In an effort to make sure every client can receive the care they

need, I offer limited reduced fee sessions through Open Path Collective at 


I will provide referrals to other qualified and caring professionals if my services do not meet your situation. 

 Call me at (260) 267-0234 to schedule an appointment. 


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