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I offer a different kid of counseling for those who think and feel differently. This is a judgment free space to allow for free expression of emotions, and to help you find solutions to the barriers in your life. 

SAND group 

Sand group is not currently active, but you are welcome to request this group. It may restart if enough clients are interested.   

   SAND group (Social Anxiety NeuroDiverse group)  is  a for you if you are an adult who feels like some peer support and guidance could help you learning to manage strong emotions relating to social situations or figure out how to identify and use your strengths to communicate your wants and needs in a healthy, confident manner.  

It is a professionally lead peer support group for individuals with Autism, ADHD, Learning Disorders, and/ or Social Anxiety. 

Some topics discussed in group are: 

Improving awareness of strengths 

Increasing Self-esteem

How to Self-Advocate, and how to delegate support needs 

Managing real or perceived judgement from others 

Managing worry, fear, or overstimulation in groups of people 

Managing miscommunication 

Setting goals and strategies to achieve them

Improving flexibility and resilience 

Managing intense interests and SPINs 

Managing strong emotions in healthy ways

And many others. 


Social skill differences between autistic, ADHDer, and other Neurodivergent brain types and neurotypical style brains will be discussed, with a focus on self-acceptance and understanding why others may say or act in a different way.   

The group is semi-open, which means that in order to access this group you we will need to meet with our therapist first to make sure that this group will be a good fit for you. 

Curious about neurodiversity? Check out my blog entry 

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