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  • Kelsey Darmochwal

Is This the Right Therapy for Me?

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

How do I know if I am ready to take this journey?

Therapists often hear during the first call or e-mail :

“I know I need to address my concern one day, but I am not sure if it is now”

Maybe you feel this way, maybe you are not even sure if therapy is right for you.

So, how do you know? Here are a few questions to think about as you look at your current situation.

Does this feel like it would help me move forward?

Often we can identify "logical" reasons for needing therapy. If you are not really sure what thery can help with, try looking at my "Services" page to see some of the specific concerns that I can help with to give you an idea. Sometimes you might not have a specific reason, you just know that something inside you doesn't feel the way you want it to. Although we do not always follow our "gut instinct", it is a very real signal that our bodies have to keep us safe. Sometimes worries or fear can make us ignore this feeling, sometimes we just haven't learned how to identify or trust this feeling. If you have specific reason or gut feeling that therapy can help, there is a strong chance you are ready.

Can I identify what stress or challenge is creating issues for me?

Can you figure out where these struggles are coming from? If you can point to a specific event or a specific feeling or trigger for these emotions, going to therapy can help you start to tame them.

Are you feeling controlled by your emotions?

Emotions are a very real part of our existence. When emotion becomes so strong that it no longer fits the situation, or it feels like the emotion has "taken over" your ability to make healthy choices now may be the time to call. Sometimes people might pretend that emotions are just part of their imagination, and "bottle" them up or try to hide their feelings. The truth is that health emotions can help us with decision making, discovering what is important, connecting with others, and meeting goals. Emotions have physical sensations and reactions that occur within our bodies, and learning to understand this connection can help you take control. Therapy can teach you to control your emotions and make healthier choices, letting emotions become a useful tool in life instead of a problem to be tackled.

Am I looking for and open to change?

Problems don't just magically disappear. Sometimes it takes effort to help address the challenges and be able to move forward in a healthier, stronger way. If you are open to putting in some effort and making the changes to yourself or your world that will help you feel better, now may be the right time for you.

Am I ready to be honest?

This one can be a hard question to address; it may help you to know I studied psychology not mind reading. All "joking" aside, therapy with Positive Perceptions, llc is confidential ( which means that unless certain legal situations come up, what you tell me is just between us) and I am here to help not judge. If you are not ready to be honest with a therapist, then you may not be ready for therapy just yet.

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