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I offer a different kind of counseling, for those who think and feel differently. This is a judgment free space to allow for free expression of emotions, and to help you find solutions to the barriers in your life. 

     It is hard to enjoy life when unpleasant memories or worries about the future keep you from living peacefully in the present. 


      Therapy at Positive Perceptions, LLC provides a treatment plan unique to your needs and desires, By using a combination of evidence based therapy to create the right treatment for you so that you can build an "emotional tool kit" to use to help you navigate difficult emotions and help you find balance and increased enjoyment in life. 

Let me help you or your child cope with

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Office Location:

  6331 Constitution Dr 

  Fort Wayne, IN 46804

Phone: (260) 267 - 0234

Mailing Address:

  6435 W. Jefferson Blvd. #220

   Fort Wayne, IN 46804-6203


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